[Politech] Australian students downloaded... just $2.8 million of MP3s? [ip]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 23:05:55 PDT

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    From: "Nathan Cochrane" <ncochrane@private>
    To: "Declan McCullagh \(E-mail\)" <declan@private>
    Subject: University pirates cost millions
    Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 14:54:05 +1000
    Hi Declan
    Australian universities trafficked at least 28 terabytes of data on a
    peer-to-peer network in the past year at a cost of about $2.8 million,
    according to network statistics.
    Data costs for traffic over the FastTrack peer-to-peer network visited by
    pirates using the Kazaa Media Desktop software was more than $557,000.
    But the total cost grows when litigation, management, opportunity costs and
    capital expenditures - upgrades to networks, PCs, software, storage - and
    alternative piracy channels are considered. They come at a time when
    institutions are seeking more Commonwealth funds.
    Although the data transferred by universities and the CSIRO is 2 per cent of
    total traffic, it is a growing headache for their business managers.
    FastTrack traffic is equivalent to 500,000 music CDs valued at $12.5
    million, according to statistics compiled from figures supplied by
    Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet) server logs. The music
    industry estimates 25 million music CDs and DVDs were legally sold last
    Nathan Cochrane
    Deputy IT Editor
    The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
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