[Politech] How Sen. Frist held port security hostage -- for Net-gambling laws [econ]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 12:55:19 PDT

Background on port security bill:

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As promised, here is the inside scoop on how Frist put the gambling ban in
port security:


October 04, 2006
Dr. Frist's Late-Night Surgery
Gambling with Port Security

What does a ban on Internet gambling have to do with port security? If 
you said "nothing" than you haven't been following the goings on in 
Congress.  Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, the House and 
Senate passed an important bill increasing security at our nation's 
ports.  However, the bill contained an unrelated provision banning the 
use of credit cards for most forms of Internet gambling.  Highly-placed 
Hill sources have informed yours truly that the gambling provisions were 
placed there because of a last-minute demand by Senate Majority Leader 
Bill Frist.

According to my sources, First walked into the House-Senate Conference 
Committee Friday night as they where completing work on the bill and 
demanding that they insert the gambling provision in the bill or else he 
would block it from consideration on the Senate floor.  Most 
representatives and senators probably had no idea the gambling provision 
was in the bill.

Congressman Ron Paul's Sunlight Rule would put an end to these type of 
late-night shenanigans.

Richard Wilkins

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