tcpxd 1.2

From: aleph1at_private
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 16:12:54 PDT

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    tcpxd 1.2
      by James Cameron (
      Monday, September 17th 2001 01:50
    Categories: System :: Networking, System :: Networking :: Firewalls
    About: tcpxd is a TCP/IP relay or proxy, allowing a connection to a port on
    a system to be forwarded to another port on any other system. It is useful
    for firewalls and service relocations, and is small, simple, and fast. It's
    also easier to learn than netcat and supports TCP_NODELAY, alternate local
    ports, partial connection closures, and non-blocking connects.
    Changes: Now becomes a daemon by default, includes RPM packaging files, and
    fixed --once. 
    License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
    Elias Levy
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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