[ISN] Computer Policy and Law Seminar

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 21:00:23 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Barbara Skoblick <bs10t_private>
    The third annual Computer Policy & Law seminar will be held July 8-10,
    1998 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  Emphasizing policy creation
    and institutional liability, the seminar features sessions on
    intellectual property, jurisdiction, privacy, computer abuse, and
    public-key technology, led by over a dozen experts in the law and
    technology, including:
         Dan L. Burk         David Lytel           Brian B. Shaw
         Kathleen Kimball    David G. Post         Barbara Skoblick
         Philip E. Long      Steven J. McDonald    Oren Sreebney
    For full details, see
    or contact one of the program directors:
         Margie Hodges <MWH2t_private>
         Steve  Worona <SLW1t_private>
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