[ISN] More on the JPL Hack

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 02:54:20 PDT

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    [Moderator: The mirror of their past hacks can be found at: .. this site does not include
     JPL, so Mr. Birnbaum was kind enough to mirror it for 
     everyone knowing it will probably be taken down before 
     most people check their mail. Steve also re-iterated that
     the HTML comments of each page are much more interesting
     than the visible text. Make sure you look at the source
     when viewing. - Moderator]
    From: Steve Birnbaum <sbirnat_private>
    I've mirrored it on my site at
    http://www.security.org.il/mirrors/www.jpl.nasa.gov/ in case they've 
    restored or removed that box by the time you read this.
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