Re: [ISN] ISS Dominates Live Intusion Detection Showcase

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 06:39:28 PDT

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    Reply From: Dale Holmes <sysguruat_private>
    It sounds to me like this Business Wire reporter wasn't at
    the conference! His report on the proceedings is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The ISS presentation sucked! Yes, they detected stuff, but the
    sopftware was slow at best to report the intrusions (very very slow!)
    and did NOT aound any aloarms or make any notifications (though it was
    mentioned thet this was an available feature).
    Chris Rouland is clearly not a people person. His speech was dull and
    dry, when you could hear him. The presentation was hampered by the
    lack of adequate facilities provided by the hotel - there was only one
    microphone, a lapel clip-on type, to be shared by all presenters - and
    the 2 ISS people there were clearly not in sync with each other.
    Network Flight Recorder *CLEARLY* dominated the presentation! Delores
    Quade gave an excellent presentation despite being sent to the
    conference at short notice. Her speech was clear and substantive, not
    full of marketing fluff like the ISS presentation. The NFR software
    quickly and accurately detected all the attacks that were launched and
    their filters provided access to much more detailed information than
    the RealSecure product did. The NFR people never once mentioned
    BackOrifice, though their software can detect it, which was a relief
    to me, since the ISS people mentioned it over 5 times in their
    presentation, as if it was the single most dangerous threat known
    The room was filled with extremely NON-technical people, and if Mr.
    Spencer was there I would venture to say that he was one of them. The
    NFR representatives were both extemely knowledgeable engineers, and I
    think the that may have confused people somewhat. Most people have a
    difficult time holding a technical discussion with serious Unix types
    unles they are one themselves.
    > ISS Dominates Live Intusion Detection Showcase
    > ATLANTA (Sept. 10) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 10, 1998
    > New version of RealSecure successfully detects and stops a wide
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