[ISN] ISS partners with SinglePoint for real time "security hotline"`

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Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 01:27:09 PDT

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    ISS partners with SinglePoint for real time "security hotline"`
     SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 10) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 9, 1998--Today at COMDEX
    Enterprise, Internet Security Systems (Nasdaq: ISSX), the leading provider
    of adaptive network security solutions, announced it is joining forces
    with Singlepoint Systems, a premier provider of automatic notification
    This relationship teams ISS' intrusion detection and response system,
    RealSecure(tm), with Singlepoints' automatic notification product,
    AlarmPoint, creating the first security solution that has the ability to
    automatically notify, via telephone, a specified list of contacts
    anywhere, anytime of a security breach. 
    "This robust technology combination brings together the leading intrusion
    detection system with the most advanced contact notification product to
    deliver a new, industry-unique option for immediate and effective
    responses to security incidents," said ISS Vice President of Product
    Management, Nancy Blair. "As the pioneer in adaptive network security, ISS
    continues to raise the bar in intrusion detection and meet customer needs
    for advanced security response capabilities and effective information
    RealSecure, the industry's leading real-time intrusion detection software,
    protects information around-the-clock by monitoring network traffic and
    automatically detecting and responding to potentially damaging security
    breaches and internal threats. In addition to responding via pager and
    email alarms, RealSecure will be able to work with Singlepoint Systems'
    technology to offer another option for fast, fault resilient telephone
    responses to security breaches. When RealSecure detects an attack,
    AlarmPoint will automatically place a phone call to notify designated
    parties of the security incident. AlarmPoint instructs the receiver on the
    type, severity and time of the attack and the action taken by RealSecure.
    If the first person on the incident response team is not reached,
    AlarmPoint will automatically continue to call a specified list of key
    security contacts until a successful connection has been made. 
    "AlarmPoint's ability to customize phone notification based on specific
    events is a perfect fit for ISS' RealSecure software, providing customers
    with another means for taking immediate action either onsite or remotely
    to recognized security threats," said Desi DosSantos, vice president of
    Research & Develop at Singlepoint Systems, Inc.  Pricing and Availability
    The Singlepoint and ISS products are available today. RealSecure carries
    an U.S. suggested list price of $8,995 for a single perpetual license. 
    AlarmPoint Base Edition pricing begins at $5,596. For more information,
    users should contact Singlepoint Systems at 888-221-0760. About
    Singlepoint Systems Inc. 
    Singlepoint develops critical event notification software that provides
    companies with tools and services that uphold their ability to manage
    small, medium or large data and network environments. Established in 1994,
    the founders brought years of enterprise, systems and network management
    experience. Since then, they have built a team of professionals to manage
    medium to large computing environments. More information about Singlepoint
    Systems Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is available on the
    company's Web site at http://www.singlepointsys.com. Information about
    AlarmPoint is available from the company's sales representatives by
    calling the Singlepoint Customer Service Center at 888-221-0760 x103 or on
    Singlepoint's Products Web site at
    http://www.singlepointsys.com/product/alarmwhat.html.  About Internet
    Security Systems
    Internet Security Systems is the proven leader of adaptive network
    security management software with 30% market share. ISS' SAFEsuite family
    of products provides protection across the Internet, extranets and
    internal networks, from attacks, misuse and security policy violations.
    The Company has delivered its monitoring, detection and response software
    solutions to organizations
    worldwide, including firms in the Global 2000, 9 of the ten largest U.S.
    commercial banks and over 35 governmental agencies. For more information,
    call ISS at 678-443-6000 or 800-776-2362 or visit the ISS Web site at
    This release, other than historical information, includes forward looking
    statements made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private
    Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The risks and uncertainties
    which could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the
    forward- looking statements include, but are not limited to, the
    following: the level of demand for the Company's products; the volume and
    timing of orders;  product and price competition; the Company's ability to
    expand its domestic and international sales and marketing organizations; 
    the Company's ability to develop new and enhanced products; the Company's
    ability to attract and retain key personnel; the mix of distribution
    channels through which the Company's products are sold; the growth in the
    acceptance and use of the Internet and of private Internet-protocol
    networks or "intranets"; the extent to which unauthorized access and use
    of online information is perceived as a threat to network security;
    customer budgets; the assertion of infringement claims with respect to the
    Company's intellectual property; seasonal trends in customer purchasing;
    foreign currency exchange rates; general economic factors;  and risks
    concerning the rapid change of technology.  These risks and others are
    discussed in the Company's periodic filings with the Securities and
    Exchange Commission. These filings can be obtained either by contacting
    ISS Investor Relations or through the Securities and Exchange Commission's
    Web site at "http://www.sec.gov".  NOTE TO EDITORS:  Internet Security
    Systems, RealSecure and SAFEsuite, are trademarks of Internet Security
    Systems, Inc. All other companies and products mentioned are trademarks
    and property of their respective owners.
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