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Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 02:41:56 PST

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    [Heh... Over the years I have had a few death threats, but I never ran
    to the press and yacked to them on why, I just packed the ol' Glock 26
    in the gunny sack for a few weeks and paid a little more attention
    than usual to my surroundings. If anyone Mr. Schmitz should worry
    about being whacked by, its probably more likely a disgruntled
    investor than anyone else.  - WK]
    By James Middleton
    The public face of the Young Intelligent Hackers against Terror
    (YIHAT) spoke today of his fear that a terrorist organisation might
    arrange his death.
    The millionaire hacker Kim Schmitz, who may be on the verge of
    bankruptcy, told The Guardian today that he fears for his life. "If
    one fanatic thinks he would do a favour to somebody who doesn't like
    me in the Islamic world, it's the easiest thing just to come by and
    give me a bullet," he said.
    Schmitz claimed to have received several death threats and
    acknowledges that he may also be putting his staff at risk with his
    grand claims. But he told The Guardian that his actions were worth the
    "obvious risks".
    The 27 year-old hacker is still adamant that YIHAT's battle plans are
    solid. The group claims it had two successful operations in recent
    months, namely hacking into the Al-Shamal and Arab National banks and
    capturing information on bin Laden and his supporter's financial
    "We are very confident we can find potential sleepers, or at least the
    supporters and financial backers of those people," said Schmitz.
    But what has dogged YIHAT's reputation most is reluctance on the FBI's
    part to discuss whether it has received any such information from
    YIHAT, and a denial of any security breaches from both of the banks.
    The vigilante group has since been forced back "underground" and was
    prompted to kill off its website after a flood of bad press and
    ridicule from the hacker community. But Schmitz reckons that his
    mysterious army of "security experts from around the world", now
    numbering 48, is capable of taking down terrorist organisations.
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