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Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 01:20:38 PST

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    On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 10:55, you wrote:
    > Forwarded from: *Hobbit* <hobbitat_private>
    > Okay, I just can't deal anymore, and *have* to point out the bloody
    > obvious.  Who keeps arranging that all these officials keep receiving
    > "credible evidence" about terrorist plans?  The terrorists, of course.
    > Why would they warn us about anything they were *really* going to do?!
    Actually I think it's likely that other terror groups are getting
    involved.  Crying wolf isn't the style of Al Queda.
    > We'll keep on receiving "credible evidence", and keep being put on "high
    > alert" for what's supposed to happen this week or next week or somtime
    > in December or whatever, and nothing will keep happening, so we'll get
    > complacent like the fat, lazy American cows we are and ignore the whole
    > thing, and then all of a sudden WHAM, will come another huge, tightly-
    > And we've even got the arrogance to IGNORE everything the Israelis have
    > learned over the last THOUSAND or more years.  Bet we didn't even ask,
    > given the running-in-tiny-circles they're doing at airports nowadays.
    The state of Israel has existed for less than 100 years.  For most of
    the last 1000 years the Israelis comprised a persecuted minority in
    most countries.  The challenges facing such a minority group are
    entirely different to those facing the rulers of a large country
    trying to defend their borders.
    Anyway talking about this probably doesn't matter.  Neither side is
    prepared to back down in the near future, things are only going to get
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