RE: [ISN] Old code in Windows is security threat

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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 01:22:50 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Andrew Weaver <Andrew.Weaverat_private>
    Hmmm... So their "quickfix" is to set the insecure off by default. OK, but
    what if I need the feature? Are they going to fix it or not?
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    > By Robert Lemos 
    > Staff Writer, CNET
    > June 9, 2002, 11:00 PM PT
    > Microsoft will more quickly retire old code in its Windows operating
    > system and other software as a result of the company's
    > four-month-old "trustworthy computing" initiative, the company's
    > lead bug basher said in an interview.
    > The revelation follows last week's warning that a serious
    > vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer occurred in the
    > software supporting a decade-old protocol that has rarely been used
    > since the World Wide Web became popular.
    > "A lot of the (coming) design changes are to remove this feature or
    > turn that one off by default," said Steve Lipner, director of
    > security assurance for Microsoft and the man on the ground for the
    > company's trustworthy computing initiative.
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