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Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 06:18:43 PST

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    anonymously wrote in an untitled e-mail:
    >Anyone on the List have any more info regarding the massive
    >underground construction currently underway in Libya?
    >(Concrete pipes big enough to drive a tank through, but lacking any
    > apparent ventilation system)
    What I think alluded to here is the new underground attack system designed
    to be used by the Pan Arab Armoured columns. They will mass inside the
    tunnels, out of sight of the U2s, then, when the tunnels are complete, pop
    up in Washington DC to surprise the good guys. Each tank will be equipped
    with loudspeakers to deliver prayers on the move to horrify the enemy and
    will have a crew of 200 fanatical martyrs with beards and brown skin. These
    tunnels will also be used to deliver the new biological gas warfare weapons
    that everyone knows they have been secretly making. That is why there are
    no vents in the tunnels. The newest nerve agents are race specific, seeking
    out and killing WASP s faster than speeding bullets. Better pump some more
    tax bucks into the military and the CIA. Yawn.
    Satellite pictures show dramatically that Libya has constructed a new
    man-made watercourse, of which they are very proud. It is an achievement
    that was publicly celebrated when inaugurated last year. 
    It is now old news which I suspect is to be recycled by the sort of
    character who does not, *read the manual*, to justify cries of *Weapons
    inspectors* or *More Bombing raids*. Yawn again.
    The project involves aquifer water being brought up and across the desert
    in concrete canalisation. I shall not touch on issues of water table levels
    or sustainability or long term viability. They are happy enough with the
    new source of water they have provided for themselves without US foreign
    aid or technology.
    Why should you want to drive a tank in it, and what purpose would
    *ventilation* have in piped water systems, syphons and ducting? Why are you
    making such strange suggestive questions?
    Indeed. However I shall keep most of them to myself, but you are welcome to
    the published information. If you want to more, this project is regularly
    featured by Libyan published media.
    You should be able to access this information from the Foreign Broadcast
    Information Service. Any US government agency which requires information 
    about what is going on in a particular geographic region may request that a
    specific subject area be monitored for broadcast and published media, and
    have this product sent by  e-mail on a daily basis for user analysis. 
    FBIS will monitor public communication and send transcripts to you. If you
    are not a linguist you can have the texts translated. There are no
    *classified* areas of the FBIS collection effort.  There are sections have
    not been made available to the non-governmental community for reasons of
    FBIS was not spawned by the CIA, as it predates the CIA by several years.
    It is now administered by the CIA, and it is manned by CIA employees.
    However, FBIS is a true "service of common concern",  mandated under the
    National Security Act of 1947.
    For students it is a fund of raw data to be studied under the Freedom of
    Information Act. You will be expected to pay fees. 
    Were you to have any contacts in Europe, you should be able to access
    Libyan Television live via Eutelsat II F3 at 16 degrees East on 11.080Ghz,
    Pal, analogue, and unencrypted. The signal is horizontally polarised and is
    of high broadcast quality and strength.
    If you really want something to jaw about then think on the following. The
    debris field of the Pan Am Maid of the Seas at Lockerbie was very similar
    to that of the TWA flight 800. The debris field of the AIR INDIA plane was
    never found.
    You will be able to remember the haunting image of the severed, but
    essentially whole, nose section of the plane on the ground.
    It is now public domain that they do not share the common factor of *the
    terrorist bomb as revealed in the recent Press Conference jointly held by
    the CIA and the FBI.
    They still do have one common factor. The were all the same product of the
    Boeing Corporation.
    You may also wish to remember that Libya got *punishment* bombed for *the
    downing of the PAN AM flight over Lockerbie* - and the *shooting of British
    policewoman Yvonne Fletcher* outside of the Libyan Peoples Bureau in
    London. (That incident was also used as a reason to close down diplomatic
    relations and isolate Libya).
    Sadly, The confession of the German national underworld assassin who was
    employed by an *American Organisation*, who claimed to have shot from a
    nearby *observation* building with a gun supplied by the same authority
    that brought him into that building, is public domain. It is written and on
    video. It is further recorded in public domain that after extensive
    rigorous search and scientific 
    investigations by specialised anti-terrorist specialist *police* units, no
    guns of any sort, no linking evidence of any sort, were found in that
    Bureau building which had been surrounded isolated and seized after the
    killing. The *Diplomats* and their *Bags* were subjected to penetrative
    scientific investigation and were also declared free of weapons.
    The autopsy forensic reconstruction evidence and the evidence of the high
    quality live video taken at and during the incident showed the direction of
    the entry wound as coming from this second building and not from the Libyan
    Bureau. The Coroners Report and findings are wholly consistent with this
    and are also available to peruse.
    It is not disputed, however, that those people in the building had brown
    skins and were mainly adherents to the Muslim faith.
    Were you to have anything honest and real to say, then you would not choose
    to hide behind your *Anonymous* cloak.
    Good day.

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