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From: Ann Rosenthal (Rosenthal_Annat_private)
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 10:05:09 PST

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    Seamus wrote:<snip>
    In a highly informative post
    > There are no
    > *classified* areas of the FBIS collection effort.<snip>
    > For students it is a fund of raw data to be studied under the Freedom of
    > Information Act. You will be expected to pay fees. 
    And in the interest of accuracy, I must add:
    First, as to classification,  the Library of Congress reports that there
    is a "classified" portion to FBIS.  On a personal note, I received daily
    classified--not just restricted to government use--FBIS-collected data
    over a several month period in 1988.
    Second, no fees are charged for accessing FBIS files stored in libraries
    which are government documents repositories.  I used FBIS unclassified
    daily LATAM reports for my dissertation data.  I still use this data
    base on a regular basis.
    Ann Rosenthal

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