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From: Vince Reed (vreedat_private)
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 06:55:13 PST

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    >What I think alluded to here is the new underground attack system designed
    >to be used by the Pan Arab Armoured columns. They will mass inside the
    >tunnels, out of sight of the U2s, then, when the tunnels are complete, pop
    >up in Washington DC to surprise the good guys. Each tank will be equipped
    >with loudspeakers to deliver prayers on the move to horrify the enemy and
    >will have a crew of 200 fanatical martyrs with beards and brown skin. These
    >tunnels will also be used to deliver the new biological gas warfare weapons
    >that everyone knows they have been secretly making. That is why there are
    >no vents in the tunnels. The newest nerve agents are race specific, seeking
    >out and killing WASP s faster than speeding bullets. Better pump some more
    >tax bucks into the military and the CIA. Yawn.
    Very funny.  Despite all of this stupidity, you obviously still have a good
    sense of humor.

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