Re: [IWAR] RETHINKING DEFENSE - Revision to 2 MRC Doctrine

From: David Platten (dpat_private)
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 11:49:33 PST

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    > From: Mark Hedges <hedgesat_private>
    > To: iwarat_private
    > Subject: Re: [IWAR] RETHINKING DEFENSE - Revision to 2 MRC Doctrine
    > Date: 17 December 1997 01:28
    > does anyone ever question why the rest of the world
    > sometimes seems to be so angered with America's conduct?
    As a Brit, let me give you an instant (if, possibly, unconsidered) answer.
    a) Whatever you Americans do, you tend to do it better (and that could be a
    back-handed compliment, if you think about it.)
    b) You know it.
    c) Maybe the rest of us are a bit jealous.
    Sorry - I'm a novelist, not a straight political analyst or sociological
    commentator, but perhaps my consequently warped view gives a new
    perspective. Certainly, viewing this mailing list has taught me as much
    about attitudes as it has about Iwar.
    Incidentally, I subscribe because the book I'm working on is about Iwar.
    One of my characters is the fictive son of a deceased 1970's terrorist -
    anyone know where I can find biographical details on Ulricke Meinhoff? She
    doesn't seem to have been as widely written about as you might imagine.

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