Re: [IWAR] Cupcakes

From: xdragonat_private
Date: Tue Dec 30 1997 - 12:39:47 PST

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    At 09:40 30/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
    >FYI:  "Secret Power" was published in 1996. To the best of my knowledge,
    >only one excerpt has been verified that appeared in Jan. 1997, in CAQ
    >MAGAZINE.  There has not been excerpts "for a couple of years."
    >(CovertAction Quarterly)
    >See:  for the article that
    >appeared in CAQ. This mag has been around for many years and does a
    >superior job of investigative reporting.  
    The Nicky Hager article was published in C.A.Q., the January 1997 edition, but
    the full text was "lifted" by readers and posted to all the appropriate
    newsgroups a month earlier - December 1996.
    I note that this IWAR mailgroup is popular with netizens of various
    political stripes, which is as it should be.  But all seem to agree that NSA
    is omnipresent and bad.  Why do you then insist on using the word <ECHELON>?
    Why not type "cupcakes" or something more creative.  Why give pleasure to the
    trolls assigned to monitoring worldwide research into NSA methodologies, and
    who certainly collect e-mailgroups.
    They already have plenty to smirk about.
    Question:  what are the proprietary rights/values assigned to the words
    INFOWAR and IWAR?  They are now heavily used and understood on the Internet, but
    Have they been registered anywhere, aside from webusage, as a trademark or
    other commercial application?  

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