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From: Jim Laverty (
Date: Thu Jan 08 1998 - 11:13:57 PST

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    It's sad, but I would have to agree with Algerian government, in regards to
    an international inquiry.  Lets face it, if this happened in the United
    States, do you think the U.S. would let a group a foreign countries poke
    around in our internal conflicts?
    At 01:52 PM 1/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
    >             We'll deal with our terrorists ourselves, Algeria says
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    >   ALGIERS (January 8, 1998 06:18 a.m. EST - Under
    >   foreign pressure after massacres of up to 1,000 civilians in 10 days,
    >   the Algerian government urged its people to mobilize against "terrorism"
    >   and reiterated its refusal to allow an international inquiry into the
    >   mass slaughter.
    >   "The bloody and blind terrorist is targeting the Algerian people without
    >   any distinction in their ranks, particularly since the start of the holy
    >   month of Ramadan," the government said, vowing to hunt down the killers.
    >   The statement late Wednesday came just hours after security forces
    >   announced 62 deaths in attacks in the western province of Relizane and
    >   that a huge manhunt was under way.
    >   But the cabinet denounced what it called the "dramatic retraction" by
    >   the international community in its commitment to combat "terrorism."
    >   Several Western nations, expressing horror at the massacres, have urged
    >   Algiers to do more to protect civilians and called for an international
    >   inquiry to look into the killings.
    >   "Algeria, the sovereign state, renews it categorical rejection of any
    >   attempt to interfere in its internal affairs," said the statement after
    >   Wednesday's cabinet meeting.
    >   "The government considers any attempt (to establish an inquiry) ... as
    >   aimed at planting doubt regarding the source of terrorism ... and a
    >   stand that Algeria condemns and absolutely rejects."
    >   The government blames Muslim rebels for the massacres.
    >   "The government renews its call to Algerian men and women to be vigilant
    >   and mobilize around the national struggle against barbaric terrorism,"
    >   it said.
    >   Despite its angry rejection of "interference," Algeria has agreed to
    >   receive a special envoy from Canada who will urge Algiers to be more
    >   open in dealing with the massacres, an official said in Ottawa on
    >   Wednesday.
    >   The United States also stuck to its call for an inquiry but, after its
    >   ambassador in Algeria was lectured about interference, tried to make its
    >   idea more palatable to the Algerians by saying the aim would be to seek
    >   facts, not blame the government.
    >   And the German and British foreign ministers agreed Wednesday that a
    >   European Union delegation should visit Algeria to help the government
    >   end the massacres.
    >   "We cannot and must not simply watch passively as the murder in Algeria
    >   takes place," said Germany's Klaus Kinkel.
    >   Britain's Robin Cook said the EU wanted to discuss with Algiers steps to
    >   end the massacres and that Britain, as current EU president, would put
    >   the matter to the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting Jan. 26.
    >   Algeria has consistently rejected foreign involvement in dealing with
    >   its 6-year-old insurgency, in which tens of thousands of people have
    >   died.

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