Re: [IWAR] Aviation Week & Space Technology on IWAR

From: Lee Harvey Blotto (blottolhat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 11:40:22 PST

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    ---"Betty G.O'Hearn" <bettyat_private> wrote:
    > We are all interested in IWAR>  Sorry I have not be 
    > able to participate.
    > Been out of the loop for 3 weeks.
    > These articles I have heard were wonderful from 
    > contacts in China,
    > Austrailia and the UK.
    > Unfortunately, they are not on line.  I will be most 
    > glad to pay for copies or the magazine.  We don't
    > get that type of magazine in Florida.  I can
    > then subscribe.
    Subscriptions to AW&ST, or "AvLeak" as it's sometimes
    called, are very expensive.  I pay well over $100US
    a year to subscribe, and that's with a substantial
    discount.  However, it can be found in many US 
    libraries; the library where I can frequently be 
    found, a city library in a midwestern city of about 
    55,000, carries it - so check your library!
    The home page for the online version of AW&ST is but I see
    that there's a newer issue there now, so a library is
    your best bet.
    Get your free address at

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