[IWAR] OPEN SOURCE articles of interest

From: Anonymous (anonat_private)
Date: Tue Feb 03 1998 - 19:12:46 PST

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    SpamMonger, clearly you don't understand that you're just making the
    problem worse by responding again to messages which were responded
    to in complaint about other messages which were posted by accident at
    the accidental slip or minor mistake, be it Betty's fault or Majordomo's
    fault or just an ACT OF GOD.
    If you'll stop responding to all the messages sent in response to
    other messages to complain about messages posted incorrectly, then
    we won't have to deal with all these messages which are totally
    empty of any useful content whatsoever. Thank you.
    Please, take care that you don't send vacuuous messages of complaint
    about other empty messages posted in response to something everyone's
    forgotten, and make sure you blame someone.
    > Please, these many messages responding to incorrect posts
    > which responded to other messages twice or three times
    > crowd my mailbox, and these can be prevented if no one
    > replies to messages if they have nothing to state but
    > complaint about complaints about incorrect posts which
    > responded to other messages twice or three times.
    > I'm seriously annoyed by all these responses to messages
    > responding to other messages responding incorrectly to
    > incorrect posts!
    > SpamMonger
    > >From: noat_private
    > >To: iwarat_private
    > >Subject: Re: [IWAR] OPEN SOURCE articles of interest
    > >Sender: owner-iwarat_private
    > >
    > >Michael Wilson wrote:
    > >>
    > >> Look at the headers; the piece was sent once, the double message was
    > >> a domo hiccup.  M
    > >No, Michael. Betty sent it all twice by including the full text in list
    > >messages to you instead of communicating with you by email.
    > >
    > >It (duplication) could, and can, be prevented by careful thought.
    > >
    > >Tony
    > >

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