Re: [IWAR] MER: IW attack on Jordan

Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 05:36:56 PST

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    Although I know nothing about the Middle East or Europe, I can 
    attest, from primary source perspective,  to the accuracy of 
    Chomsky's information regarding several specifics on which he has 
    written with regard to US/Nicaragua and other LATAM operations.  
    Although he has, apparently, no inside information, and when I have 
    corresponded with him, seems genuinely surprised that anybody even 
    remotely (timewise) connected with US policy making/implementation 
    would read his works.  
    One of the real dangers of waging  information warfare is believing 
    the propaganda you generate.  People like Chomsky serve a very 
    valuable role in societies which practice such warfare.  They 
    continuously question.  Whether I accept or reject, ultimately, what 
    he writes, I find it useful.
    Ann Rosenthal
    > I believe Noam Chomsky, for one, maintains a reputation for entirely
    > reasonable and accurate information.

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