From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 23:56:16 PST

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    This thread in cypherpunks started with the Sunday Telegraph report on
    NSA's Echelon system, which reportedly monitors European SIGINT, and
    continued through its current subject line when someone posted details on
    transparent monitoring capability built into the ISDN digital telephone
    technology. Follow the link below for info on the New Zealand franchise.
    >Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 11:18:23 -0200
    >From: Vicente Silveira <vicenteat_private>
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    >Subject: Re: More on ISDN Features
    >Btw, a report from the New Zealand Herald ( 1997-07-21 ) says that
    >New Zealand's secret facility of Waihopai ( believed to be part of Echelon
    >) was
    >being upgraded to be able
    >to monitor an increasing volume of telecommunications on the Pacific. Even
    >interesting is that the NZ's Crimes Act was being modified to allow the
    >"private oral communications" ( phone calls ) of foreign states,
    >organizations and
    >The report :
    >> ...
    >> I'm much more concerned about the Echelon system which was (finally)
    >> reported in the Sunday Telegraph just before Xmas.  This system, it is
    >> alleged, can intercept and look for keywords in ALL international comms
    >> traffic.  I believe this also gets a mention in the Europarliament report.
    >> Vote early and often for freely available strong encryption!!
    >> (whatever JR mutters about 'doing him out of his livelihood' :=)  )
    >> ...
    >> Key escrow is another example of complete bollocks, IMHO.
    >> ...

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