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    There is a book regarding this topic called "Secret Power" - New
    Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network,</smaller> <smaller>by
    Nicky Hager,</smaller><bold> </bold>Published by Craig Potton Publishing,
    PO Box 555, Nelson, New Zealand First published 1996 Reprinted 1996.
    </center><bold><underline>Chapter 1, 1984
    Chapter 2 Hooked up to the spy network: the UKUSA
    </underline>Chapter 3 The power of the Dictionary: inside ECHELON 
    Chapter 4 Fighting the Cold War: the rold of UKUSA 
    Chapter 5 The GCSB, ANZUS and a nuclear-free New Zealand 
    Chapter 6 Behind closed doors: what happens inside the GCSB 
    Chapter 7 The organisation: secret structures of the GCSB 
    Chapter 8 Secret squirrels: who runs the GCSB 
    Chapter 9 Station NZC-332: electronic eavesdropping from Tangimoana 
    Chapter 10 Under the radome: what happens at Waihopai 
    Chapter 11 The facts in the filofax: military signals intelligence
    Chapter 12 What are the secrets? The intelligence product 
    Chapter 13 Who watches the watchers? Overseeing the intelligence agencies 
    Chapter 14 Leaving the intelligence alliance 
    A Who's who in New Zealand foreign intelligence organisations 
    B A guided tour of secret intelligence facilities 
     - Waihopai 
     - Tangimoana 
     - Overseas stations 
    C Where the intelligence ends up 
     - External Assessments Bureau 
     - Directorate of Defence Intelligence 
     - Courier links to the overseas agencies 
    D Second World War signals intelligence history 
    Index and Glossary 
    There is only place to purchase in the States. Email me if your
    At 11:56 PM 2/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
    >This thread in cypherpunks started with the Sunday Telegraph report on
    >NSA's Echelon system, which reportedly monitors European SIGINT, and
    >continued through its current subject line when someone posted details
    >transparent monitoring capability built into the ISDN digital 
    >technology. Follow the link below for info on the New Zealand
    >>Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 11:18:23 -0200
    >>From: Vicente Silveira <<vicenteat_private>
    >>To: jyaat_private
    >>Cc: cypherpunksat_private
    >>Subject: Re: More on ISDN Features
    >>Btw, a report from the New Zealand Herald ( 1997-07-21 ) says that
    >>New Zealand's secret facility of Waihopai ( believed to be part of
    >>) was
    >>being upgraded to be able
    >>to monitor an increasing volume of telecommunications on the Pacific.
    >>interesting is that the NZ's Crimes Act was being modified to allow
    >>"private oral communications" ( phone calls ) of foreign states,
    >>organizations and
    >>The report :
    >>> ...
    >>> I'm much more concerned about the Echelon system which was 
    >>> reported in the Sunday Telegraph just before Xmas.  This system, it
    >>> alleged, can intercept and look for keywords in ALL international
    >>> traffic.  I believe this also gets a mention in the Europarliament
    >>> Vote early and often for freely available strong encryption!!
    >>> (whatever JR mutters about 'doing him out of his livelihood' :=)  )
    >>> ...
    >>> Key escrow is another example of complete bollocks, IMHO.
    >>> ...
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