Re: CRIME FW: [Ccbig] 'Hi' Virus. Be Vigilant!

From: Wil Cooley (wcooley@private)
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 09:52:41 PST

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    Also Sprach Kuo, Jimmy:
    > I don't understand why my alert hasn't shown up yet.
    > And can anyone tell me, who undertook to block .SCR files after my
    > presentation at the last meeting?
    I am:
    :0 BH
    * ^Content-(Type|Disposition):.*$?.*name=".*\.(scr|pif|dll|exe|com|lnk|bat|vbs|386|cpl|drv|sys|vb|vbe|vxd)"
    	:0 f
    	| formail -A "$FILTMSG Illegal extension, sent to quarantine"
    	! ${JAIL}
    I'm just an ISP, so I can't filter too much; people expect to be
    able to pass lots of crap through and they're not really paying for
    enhanced security.  As it is, I'm catching lots of greeting cards
    and crap like that with the .exe.
    W. Reilly Cooley                           wcooley@private
    Naked Ape Consulting                                           #orlug,#pdxlug,#lnxs
    "There was a vague, unpleasant manginess about his appearence; he somehow
    seemed dirty, though a close glance showed him as carefully shaven as an
    actor, and clad in immaculate linen."
    -- H.L. Mencken, on the death of William Jennings Bryan

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