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    Well, I respectfully disagree with you and I'm sure that you didn't mean to
    infer that I am being unreasonable, thoughtless or unprofessional simply
    because I have a different take on the matter.
    After  conducting  criminal investigations for 11 years, I think people are
    creatures  of  habit  and  often times travel the path of least resistance.
    Look  at the amount of non-essential E-mails containing theoretical debates
    and spam.  Look at the number of persons leaving the mailing list.
    I  don't  dispute that a charter is needed, the question is - is it enough?
    Who will moderate this new forum?  Who has time to undertake it?
    Not trying to be difficult. :)  As I stated weeks ago, I joined CRIME to
    obtain and pass along useful information dealing with information security
    issues and the like.
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    Jeffrey_Korte/HR/FCNB/Spgla@private wrote:
    >Do you really feel that a charter and referring off-topic issues that
    >should go more appropriate forums alone will curtail the amount of
    >non-essential E-mail communications?
    Yes, I do. As someone said to me moments ago in private e-mail, CRIME is
    composed of reasonable, thoughtful, professonal people. That means that
    these reasonable people can follow reasonable rules that are put to
    them. The problem at the moment is that there are no rules at all to
    I have been participating in, managing, and creating forums like this
    for 15 years[*]. A charter is the very first thing to be applied when
    there is any kind of managability problem. You then get more draconain
    (enforcing rules, such as closing the list to subscribers only, and
    enforcing moderation) if & when the list members show that they cannot
    follow the stated rules.
    IMHO, CRIME desperately needs a charter (because there are no rules to
    follow) but does not yet need moderation (because I believe most people
    here know how to follow reasonable rules). We just need to decide what
    the rules are.
    [*] For amusement value, here is my first USENET post back in 1987
    and here I am orchestrating the split of rec.skiing into four sub-groups
    in 1994
    Massive props to Google for providing the net with a 20 year archive of
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