RE: CRIME hacked web server question

From: Adam Lipson (AdamL@private)
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 13:00:22 PST

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    the file system is NTFS, what util should I mount this with in Linux.  I
    thought that you could only mount NTFS as read only with Linux.
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    On Monday 31 December 2001 11:53, Adam Lipson wrote:
    > I have had someone come thru and post about 3gb of files on a webserver
    > running fully patched IIS and only port 80 and ftp allowed to access it.
    Just running the patches is not enough to fix IIS.  You have to make sure 
    that the services are configured correctly.
    > The problem is the folders containing the files are names like ".   tagged
    > for nwa" and can't be deleted by windows/dos.  Does anyone know how to
    > delete these folders as I presume this may have happened to someone else
    > the list.
    What file system?
    You could always mount the disk with a Linux recovery disc and delete them 
    using Linux.

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