Re: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?!

From: David C Niemi (niemiat_private)
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 22:02:13 PDT

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    You're right to be skeptical, it shows you have some common sense.
    I find it extremely implausible that any tool *could* reliably and
    automatically infect a cracker's network with viruses when it tried to
    attack you.  Especially considering that most vaguely clueful crackers are
    running *BSD or Linux, often in an extremely secure configuration, rather
    than operating from a LAN-full of Win95 boxen like sitting ducks.
    And I can only begin to imagine the liability problems that would occur if
    such a tool actually succeeded in its job!  Picture a college environment
    where one bad apple attacks a Blitzkrieg Server site.  Or God forbid it
    should mistake a legitimate user for an attacker!
    This has got to be one of the worst ideas I have heard of in a long time. 
    Probably proposed by the same people who design bogus computer tricks for
    Hollywood, like the laptops that run in 320x200 resolution using gobs of
    pointless animation and accept simple natural-language commands like "jam
    transmission" or "bypass security".  And the "Quantum Physics theorist"
    part is a nice touch too.
    On Wed, 6 May 1998 wrote:
    >      Hello Wizards,
    >      Came across these links on CNN and the May98 issue of Signal Magazine.
    >      see: 
    >      or the vendor's site
    >      Article describes new technology developed by a Quantum Physics 
    >      theorist. It's called the Blitzkrieg Server, and seems to be a highly 
    >      advanced AI engine and counter-attack engine for network security.  
    >      The counter-attack supposedly viraly infects the entire network that a 
    >      hacker originates from.....somemhow.  Seems to have sparked some 
    >      interest from the CIA and such.
    >      Anyone else heard of this? Seems like pure hype based on fiction to 
    >      me....Is this pure marketing smoke, or is there some sort of unreal 
    >      counter-attack technology bundled into this product?
    >      Anton Rager
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