Re: Identifying End of Tx in FTP

From: Adam Shostack (adamat_private)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 06:16:51 PDT

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    Laris Benkis wrote:
    | We have a system in place where clients drop off files via FTP to a
    | wu-ftp server which are then processed automatically by scripts. Files
    | have to be processed relatively quickly for the application to work
    | properly therefore the convention we have developed is to indicate end
    | of transmission by doing a rename of the file once the initial put is done. 
    | We are trying to tighten the security of the whole process and want to
    | use FW1 ftp resources to limit where puts can be done.  Unfortunately it
    | turns out that when the ftp resources are used it is no longer possible to
    | do rename.  
    | What is a reliable, transparent way to tell that an ftp transmission has
    | been completed?
    	Depending on the OS, open(file, O_EXLOCK, mode) might work.
    	You can also look at using lsof (ls open files) to see what
    files are open, or looking at the wu-ftp process to see what files it
    has open.  (If your system has a /proc/$PID/fd/ type structure this
    could be very easy.)
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