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From: Rodney van den Oever (roeverat_private)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 13:38:52 PDT

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    >I'm working with a company currently using a T1 which becomes very
    >sluggish when engineers do many FTP and HTTP sessions through a state
    >firewall on a Netra-1 (firewall is not a bottleneck).  They're thinking
    Then why bother upgrading the firewall?
    May I suggest an internal caching proxyserver?
    >of upgrading to a T3 with a fast proxy server (+ VPN) since they also
    A proxyserver will always be slower that a  packet-filter or state full
    inspection type of firewall.
    >are running out of IPs, and internal systems are getting hit by external
    Configure the firewall for address translation and of course block traffic
    to internal hosts.
    >I'm wondering about alternatives to the situation, one is multiple T1s
    >coming into a set of BGP net for redundancy, and to partition FTP/HTTP
    >proxies on one server, and remaining traffic on a second server
    Dual (active) parallel firewalls, twice the effort needed to monitor and
    secure these hosts. It would compare it to resistors in parallel: total
    resistance is halved.
    Cisco's HSRP (can FW-1 deal with that?) for the internal router would be a
    better redundancy solution.
    >    Internet
    >    | | |
    >   (n+1 T1s)
    >    | | |
    >  Cisco 2500s
    I don't think a 2500 can't handle a T3 (max. 8Mbps), especially if your also
    using access-lists. You probably need a 36xx or 72xx for that.
    >    | | |
    >  Hub/switch
    >    |    |
    >FW-A   FW-B
    >FW-A could be used for outbound client system access, and FW-B could be
    >used for inbound/server protocols (VPN, webserver SQL, NTP, SMTP, DNS,
    >etc).  A dual-subnet webfarm could connect to third interface on both.
    >Hmm, too complex maybe.
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