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From: Kelly Lucas (kdlucasat_private)
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 14:50:57 PDT

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    Just an fyi and actually non relevant,
    Last I heard, we use 3 T-3's, and the city was working on putting in an
    OCR.  But, that was over one year ago, so I'm not sure about it now.
    Bennett Todd wrote:
    > It definitely sounds like the T1 is saturating --- but it would never
    > hurt to more-positively document that. If you can get router statistics
    > on line utilization that would help.
    > Given that they're using up the T1, one good question is, do they want
    > to buy more bandwidth? If so then by all means do so. But people doing
    > big downloads can saturate _anything_ (I know --- I like to do tricks
    > like mirror the entire Red Hat site:-).
    > So if other users are noticing degraded response, I'd look into
    > bandwidth management solutions. Cisco has some traffic shaping options
    > for recent IOS releases, there's dummynet[1] (for FreeBSD --- freely
    > available) and the Bandwidth Manager[2] (for FreeBSD, BSDI, and NetBSD,
    > $500).
    > And worst comes to worst, you may well be able to do the deed if you
    > force the big downloaders to go through a separate set of proxies, and
    > put a mechanism in place --- e.g. a slip line running at 115kbps --- to
    > throttle their bandwidth.
    > -Bennett
    > [1] <URL:>
    > [2] <URL:>
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