Re: hacked

From: Remco B. Brink (remcoat_private)
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 08:44:39 PDT

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    "Ivan@work" <ivanat_private> writes:
    > Hi,
    > At about 1.00pm EST in Australia, was hacked by
    > YIHAT. I have some screen captures if anyone is interested.
    > cheers Ivan
    <snip hack text>
    Take the "Hacked by Kimble" text with a grain of salt. Kim Schmitz nor his
    team of wannabe hackers (YIHAT) are not the genius hacker they claim to be.
    The defacement is somewhat old news by the way. Later today the original 
    defacement was removed and replaced with a message saying that SNP is now 
    officially shut down.
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