Kernel Insider, merge with LSM?

From: bruj0at_private
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 21:07:24 PDT

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    Good day, i've made a patch agains kernel 2.4.4. My question is, could
    it be posible to include the funtionality of Kernel Insider in LSM. If
    it is posible, i would love to do it :)
    This is the description:
    "It that allows to decide wich uid, pid or file can open a tcp socket in
    listening state. When a program tries to open a port it first makes a md5
    checksum  of the file and compares it with the config list then it compares
    the user id   and finally the pid.
    The policy is to "DENY" everything that is not in the allowed lis"
    You can download it from:
    Its under GPL.
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