Re: Kernel Insider, merge with LSM?

From: bruj0at_private
Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 13:26:48 PDT

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    On Sat, 26 May 2001, Greg KH wrote:
    > The goal of the LSM is that a project like yours could just use the LSM
    > interface to add your special support to the kernel.  It does not
    > dictate any kind of security policy.
    That i didnt know, well im gonna try putting into it. Btw is there a 2.4.5
    patch for LSM? :)
    > (minor nit, you might want to change your coding style to match the
    > Documentation/CodingStyle to have a chance to get it accepted into the
    > kernel proper.)
    Well, i dont really thing that security stuff should go into the kernel.
    Dont get me wrong, is just that the user should be able to choose what
    kind of security it gets. And for what i understand thats what LSM does,
    and i think its the way to go.
    > Thanks though,
    > greg k-h
    Thank you, Bruj0 (Actually my name is Rodrigo, but its difficult for no
    latin people )
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