Re: about linux kenel module configure file using xml

From: Makan Pourzandi (Makan.Pourzandi@private)
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 04:51:26 PDT

Yuan Chunyang wrote:
>>Just don't do this.  There is zero reason to put this complexity into
>>the kernel.  Do all parsing and config file reading in userspace.  Then
>>use results to pass parsed data to kernel via a simple interface.  E.g.
>>one value per file filesystem, sysfs entries, etc.
> Yes , Chirs. I know your mean -  put the parsing work in userspace. Do 
> you have simple example of how to parse the configure file and kenel module
> can get it by sysfs or by other ways?  

Hi Yuan,

In DSI project, the security policy file is written on XML, it is parsed 
in user space and then the info is sent to our Linux kernel module dsm, 
through sysfs. you could have a look at our source code, consider downloading the 
disec-0.4 package.

Feel free to contact me for more info,

> Maybe it is the simple way to parse the configure file to binary file in userspace
> and let kenel module read binary file. 
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