Re: about linux kenel module configure file using xml

From: Yuan Chunyang (cyyuan79@private)
Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 01:46:08 PDT

> In DSI project, the security policy file is written on XML, it is parsed 
> in user space and then the info is sent to our Linux kernel module dsm, 
> through sysfs. you could have a look at our source code, 
> consider downloading the 
> disec-0.4 package.

hi, Makan:

The implementation of parsing policy in DSI is followed:

(1) In file lsm/startup.c, dsi_fops is defined and register a char device 
when boot up:
device_file_major = register_chrdev (0, "DSI_module", &dsi_fops);
Its write and read operation is dsi_write() and dsi_read() function, defined
in lsm/dsi_dev.c

(2) In file common/src/dsiCommonCharDevice.c,  callCharDevice() is defined.
When the policy is updated, this function is called in file 

(3) The parameters between userspace and kernelspace is in hook function
dsi_sys_security(). But this hook is removed in 2.6.

I do not know whether the procedure is right.  But as described in (3),  sys_security
hook is removed from 2.6 .  Then how can we do?  

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