[logs] OS Audit Log System Configuration

From: Joe Wulf (Joe_Wulf@private)
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 18:48:29 PDT

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    I have been wondering if anyone knows of, or has documented all aspects of
    the system security audit/logging for one or more operating systems?  This
    would be for the benefit of everyone else using that OS and how to best
    configure it for audit and logging.
    In this I am hoping the details included in the documentation would identify
    the OS, version, specific software/tools used (if any beyond the stock OS
    itself), configuration details of the OS, configuration details of the
    audit/logging software/tools, detailed meanings and understandings of each
    audit configuration detail (such as flags, etc...).
    Alternatively, I'm seeking advice on this from those with experience in this
    Thanks in advance for your time and information.
    -Joe Wulf
     ProSync Technology Group, LLC
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