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From: Tina Bird (tbird@precision-guesswork.com)
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 17:48:59 PDT

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    Hi all --
    I've been starting to work through the impressive collection of adds and
    changes to the Log Analysis Web site that have been stacking up over the
    last few months.  The biggest change is that I've created "subject
    categories" in the Library section, in hopes of making it easier for me
    (oh, and all of you) to find things.  To see the new layout, click on the
    Library link in the left hand nav bar.
    I've also started a new page, called "Messages that Made Us Laugh."  It's
    in the Library, listed in the "Data Analysis" section.
    Please send candidate messages and haiku and we'll post the best of them.
    enjoy -- tbird
    At what point does it become easier to maintain a human relationship
    than a Windows box?
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