Re: [logs] Monitoring Windows Security Events

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards@private)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 08:03:44 PDT

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    On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 15:01, Brian Anon wrote:
    > I would appreciate hearing how others monitor events in their Windows 
    > security event logs in a large distributed network.
    > Specifically, I've got six Windows domains (totaling about 1500 servers and 
    > 6-8 domain controllers in each domain).  I need to begin monitoring security 
    > events on these domain controllers.
    > Considering that each domain controller generates about 100+ MB a day in he 
    > security event log, it's not really practical having someone manually review 
    > this on a weekly basis.
    > Any suggestions about what events to be looking for and acting on?
    Probably not up-to-the-point - but eventually helpful... On
    there are a number of papers/descriptions of what can be done. The work
    in progress section could also be interesting.
    The first two articles here
    may also help you in building some idea...
    > I'm now thinking that an automated host-based IDS may be the best option to 
    > monitor events in realtime.  Any recommendations?
    > Should we only be considering centralizing these events first so that they 
    > can be correlated?  Any suggestions?
    I am strongly of the opinion that this should be done. With
    consolidation, you can generate reports that help you detect issues.
    Here are some sample reports we do:
    I would especially look into the first one. Again, this reports may not
    be an instant hit - but I thought it is better to provide some
    brain-food than not ;)
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