[logs] Fwanalog/analog performance guidelines?

From: Clark, Bill W. (Bill.Clark@private)
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 13:19:41 PST

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    Anybody have any recommendations on how to speed up fwanalog or analog?
    I haven't figured out which one is or if both are just naturally slow
    because of the algorithms used in regex.  I am attempting to analyze the
    month fwdump from the Honeynet project and it has been running for about
    3 hours with no end in sight.  I have even tried renice the process to
    give them highest priority on my wkstn but to no avail.  It looks like
    the CPU is hardly even working and memory isn't taxed.  Just looking for
    rules of thumb as to how long fwanalog/analog take to run generally and
    if there are any steps that improve the timeline.
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