RE: [logs] Fwanalog/analog performance guidelines?

From: Clark, Bill W. (Bill.Clark@private)
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 15:15:36 PST

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    Thanks Jason,
    I noticed a bit after I posted when I did a netstat on that machine had
    a lot of sockets open to our DNS server and that was when I started to
    suspect the DNS issue you pointed out here.  It ended up taking 231
    minutes, 1 second to run through that log file.  
    I decided to go ahead and post the results on my website.  If you are interested in the Honeynet Scan
    loganalysis challenge then you may want to take a look.  It's a good
    starting point to start working with the data.
    Bill W. Clark
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    On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 10:19, Clark, Bill W. wrote:
    > Anybody have any recommendations on how to speed up fwanalog or 
    > analog? ... the CPU is hardly even working and memory isn't taxed.  
    > Just looking for rules of thumb as to how long fwanalog/analog take to
    > run generally and if there are any steps that improve the timeline.
    DNS, DNS, DNS. Check you haven't enabled DNS resolution. If you are
    going through a multitude of IP addresses - trying to resolve them - it
    *will* add hours to the processing. 
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