[logs] What log analyzer to use for Dlink DFL700 (aka Clavister)?

From: Roger Olofsson (roger.olofsson@private)
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 07:23:09 PST

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    Dear email-list,
    I am wondering what tool to use to analyze log files from a Dlink DFL700 firewall.
    The log file looks very much like a Clavister firewall logfile and I suspect that so
    is the case.
    I have searched Internet for tools and so far I have found (via the excellent
    loganalysis.org site) swatch, logcheck, logsurfer, fwanalog and others. Some of
    these have regexps that could be modified for the Dlink (Clavister?) log file format
    but some have not.
    I have seen that Clavister parses their log files and sends them to Webtrends for
    analysis, but this feels like 'using a web server analysis tool to analyze a
    firewall'. I haven't tried Webtrends so I don't know what it can accomplish though.
    My question is, is there an existing log analyze tool for the Dlink (Clavister?)? If
    so, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
    /Roger Olofsson
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