Re: [logs] What log analyzer to use for Dlink DFL700 (aka Clavister)?

From: Mikael Olsson (mikael.olsson@private)
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 11:32:41 PST

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    Roger Olofsson wrote:
    > Dear email-list,
    > I am wondering what tool to use to analyze log files from a Dlink DFL700 firewall.
    > The log file looks very much like a Clavister firewall logfile and I suspect that so
    > is the case.
    Indeed. D-Link are licensing our tech for the DFL-700 (well, plus a
    web gui that doesn't look anything like how we normally do stuff, but
    that's segment specialization for you :))
    > I have seen that Clavister parses their log files and sends them to Webtrends for
    > analysis, but this feels like 'using a web server analysis tool to analyze a
    > firewall'. I haven't tried Webtrends so I don't know what it can accomplish though.
    Actually, it's "webtrends for firewalls", so it's a bit better than a
    webserver stat report. But, yeah, its origins do show :)
    > My question is, is there an existing log analyze tool for the Dlink 
    > (Clavister?)? If so, please let me know.
    D-Link hasn't put up any info on this yet so I'll just point 
    you at our KB articles.
    Webtrends for firewalls:
      (batch converter from our log format to WELF)
    eIQnetworks FirewallAnalyzer Enterprise
      (eIQnetworks has a built-in analyzer for our log format)
    Simple top N talkers scripts (unix and windows):
      The windows version assumes clavister firewall logger, which the
      DFL-700 doesn't talk to, but some copying from the unix scripts
      lets you deal with syslog data under windows equally well.
    If you want to roll your own, you can use the awk script included
    in either KB10035 or KB10039 as a starting point.  The log format
    is "name=value" pairs all the way, and values containing spaces 
    are always quoted.  Or wrap each line in "<event " and "/>" 
    pairs and feed them to an XML parser :P
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