[logs] Paper on the nature of syslog data

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards@private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 02:08:58 PST

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    Hi List,
    While my request for log samples did not yield many samples (even more
    thanks to those who send some :)), it raised many points ... points I
    actually try to address in my paper.
    After some thinking, I guess it is the best idea to release the paper in
    the state it currently has. Please note, however, that it may be totally
    nonsense, uselesss or stating just well-known facts or whatever else
    that makes me look like the fool that I probably be ;) If you intend to
    use it, use it with care. 
    Of course, I appreciate comments on that paper. And it may even make you
    send some really weird log samples that you think it can not address (I
    think I already got at least one of such - at least one that makes me
    think something is missing...).
    The paper is available here:
    I would also like to tell you *why* I have writte it. I am of the firm
    believe that we can come to better log analysers if only we understand
    the nature of the log data better. Once we understand it better (and
    have it well defined), it is probably easier to transform it into common
    format, formtat that then log analysers can operate on.
    Please also note that the paper *just* talks about the *content* of log
    data. There is another dimension, the *arrival (or recpetion) rate* of
    log data. In my belief, this can also be used to draw conclusion, but
    that is an entirely different topic. I plan to do some work on this
    later and after that some work to combine those both things... But let's
    focus on today's problems, today ;)
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