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From: Safier, Adam * (Safier@private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 07:20:15 PST

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    I will display my ignorance again by asking "What makes Syslog unique and
    different from other text based log files?"
    I understand it is the traditional system log file for UNIX systems.  I
    "assume" that when anything writes to Syslog a date and time stamp is
    automatically inserted.  I also "assume" that you are writing to a process
    and not simply appending to a text file.  However, it seems that almost any
    text can be written to Syslog by any application.  Are there formatting
    Sorry for being lazy at this time and asking instead of researching.
    Hopefully next month I will get on a task capturing Oracle logs and putting
    them through some sort of analyzer for key security events.  Alas, all
    systems are Windows so no native Syslog.
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    > BTW, does log analysis have to be only on syslogs?  How about 
    > output from
    > applications (Oracle database log, binary logs, ...)?
    I strongly think: NO! But I think it is sufficient to initially look at
    syslog, only. Even with current technology, you can
    "convert"/relay/transport (whichever term you like) may other logs (text
    files, serial devices, database content, to some extent binary data) to
    syslog data. However, focussing on syslog gives you at least some common
    properties, like that you deal with a stream of non-binary characters,
    which simplifies some parts of the analysis. I think *if* we tackle
    syslog analysis sufficiently well (and we are far from that), we can
    also tackle other log sources by simply applying the right
    pre-processor. At least this is my current state of thinking...
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