RE: [logs] Log Samples Requested

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards@private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 01:48:30 PST

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    > What about sites like ours that use a different syslog output format?
    Yes, this is exactly at the core of the issues. As of my current
    understanding, we have three factors describing the log format: the
    software emiting the logs, the version of this software AND the
    configuration of it. This results in a very large set of potential log
    > We're running regionalized syslog servers in several 
    > different countries,
    > so use syslog-ng with a different template to produce syslog output.
    > i.e. ours looks like (one long line):
    > 2004-03-13T19:20:07+0000 mail info qmail-scanner[663]:
    > Clear:RC:0( 1.389811 3268 BOSHOUNVLP@private
    > sdsdsddds@private high_quality_rolex_watches_discount_prices
    > orig-server.name1079205606470663:3268
    > That's 'template("$R_ISODATE $HOST $FACILITY $PRIORITY $MSG\n")' in
    > syslog-ng speak...
    Yes, that template thing looks very good to me. I do not fully know how
    syslog-ng does it, but it can probably be stretched even further than
    done in that implementation.
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