[logs] hosts to central logging servers efficiency: syslog or syslog-ng

From: ScottO (skippylou@private)
Date: Wed May 24 2006 - 08:16:32 PDT

Since I got great feedback from this list regarding a centralized 
logging set of questions before, I figured I would get thoughts from 
everyone regarding this.

Two Options for the host machines sending to Collectors and/or Central 

One has them keeping regular syslogd and forwarding to a collector using 
udp.  Then the collector would filter out unneccessary stuff, do some 
processing, etc. before passing onto a central server (with the edges 
and central using syslog-ng).

The second has the hosts getting syslog-ng, then doing some filtering on 
each host before sending to the collectors over tcp, before the 
collector possibly does additional filtering, analysis, etc. before 
forwarding on to the central server (again, with the edges and central 
using syslog-ng).

I guess some things that I have been thinking about are:  is possibly 
slightly less data sent over tcp more or less efficient network 
bandwidth-wise, than sending all the data over udp?  The obvious piece 
of not having to replace syslog with syslog-ng across thousands of hosts 
is a huge win, plus the individual hosts not doing any filtering, keeps 
them using their cycles and resources for their main duties and not 
analyzing logs.


Thanks again,

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