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From: John Doe (training9at_private)
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 10:13:59 PDT

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    Check out  They're a small company with ex Air 
    Force security guys.  They've done a lot of security training for some 
    government and commercial companies.  I heard them here at Symantec and I 
    heard them speak at a conference in Dallas.
    Good luck,
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    Subject: Ethical Hacking Courses
    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:47:13 +0100
    From: "Talisker" <Taliskerat_private>
    To: "Penetration Testers" <PEN-TESTat_private>
    I'm currently looking at the various ethical hacking courses that are on
    Are there any thoughts from you pen testing gurus about which is the
    I've heard about the ISS Ethical Hacking Course and Foundstones Ultimate
    Hacking Course, both are 4 days and similar in price, are there any
    Would it be better value to mix and match at Sans or attend Defcon, has
    anyone out there compared the merits of the various courses.
    Take Care
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