RE: NT snmp

From: adamat_private
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 15:45:29 PDT

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    > :Target is an NT4 box with snmp setup with "Read/Create" 
    > permissions on one
    > :of the communities. I need to demonstrate that this is a bad 
    > idea, so im
    > :looking for a tool that will spoof the source address (to 
    > and
    > :send an snmp set. Any suggestions?
    > snmpwalk the following for usefull information for further 
    > compromising the machine. 
    Cant be done easily as they have "Accept SNMP traps from these hosts" set.
    That's why im looking for a SNMP set DoS, which will work with a spoofed
    address rather than reads which are useless without a reply. I'm not local
    so i cant sniff.
    > I haven't examined the NT write mib, but I'm sure there 
    > is a wonderland of exquisite horrors awaiting us in there. 
    Setting . (where is the interface number) to 2 turns
    off the interface ;-)  All i need is tool to spoof the source address. Could
    i write such a tool with Perl? (even if i suck at Perl?)
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