Re: Emulating a wireless access point

From: Thorsten Fischer (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2001 - 01:10:12 PDT

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    On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
    > Quoting Steve Skoronski (skoronskiat_private):
    > > 	Has anyone seen software to emulate this on a PC/Laptop with a wi-fi
    > > card? Or should I go look for a used AP? 
    > I have been thinking about that, seeing the high density of (non-WEP)
    > wireless traffic at HAL2001 :)
    > I have tried stuff like you're describing by putting my WiFi card in
    > 'Master' mode, setting the essid to the network's essid.
    > I haven't gotten really far with this, also due to beer and other fun
    > things, but afaik it should work.
    Actually some person(s) at HAL managed to do so. At our tents, our
    cards (SMC, Lucent, some others) frequently used an Access Point that did
    not belong to the 'official' network. A /24 network segment on a
    private IP range has been set up, running mainly Windows boxes. More
    annoying, they were running their own DHCP server and DNS, they named
    their domain
    Some gentle portscans and other investigations reveiled their gateway
    having so many (obviously unfiltered) ports open that it either was a
    honeypot or the admins were stupid beyond believe. We did not investigate
    any further. There were also rumors about a person with an Apple Powerbook
    walking along the campus and doing similar things.
    But as the traffic on HAL network wasn't WEPed anyway ... pff. Well, there
    were far more interesting things to do and see at HAL. Though the network
    was really impressive.
    thorsten fischer : frosch (at) derfrosch (dot) de
    hostien in groesseren mengen sind schwer zu beschaffen
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