FW: Mapping wireless LANS from the wired side

From: Mike.Ruscher@CSE-CST.GC.CA
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 09:48:30 PDT

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    Ok, I stand corrected.
    The wap-nmap readme file states: 
    Okay basically wap-nmap is nothing more than a script that performs an
    nmap scan of a user input IP address or hostname and pumps the results
    back out to a wap enabled device... most often than not this happens to be"
    So I guess this scan can be from a mobile or a wired network device.
    It still doesn't differentiate what is a wireless IP address from a wired
    one, which was my query.
    Thanks Jeremy.
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    >This would still only scan from the wireless side, 
    >but is still an
    >interesting tool.
    It doesn't scan from the wireless side. It scans from where ever the web
    server it is sitting on is located. All wap-nmap is is a set of wml and php
    files that redirect your input to a command line and feed the output back to
    the wap device. Which btw is completely different from 802.11b.
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