From: Michael Carson (mikecarsonat_private)
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 07:57:25 PDT

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        You might also consider the work being done at:  From the SourceForge page:  APTools is 
    a utility that queries ARP Tables and Content-Addressable Memory (CAM) 
    for MAC Address ranges associated with 802.11b Access Points. It will 
    also utilize Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) if available. If a Cisco 
    Aironet MAC Address is identified, the security configuration of the 
    Access Point is audited via HTML parsing.
    John Lampe wrote:
    >To all,
    >I'm writing nasl to find access points on legacy network segments. 
    >The code works good at finding SMC and Compaq (all I have to test
    >with).  If any of you can help me gather information for other
    >platforms, I would greatly appreciate it.  What I need is
    >1) if AP has a default web management interface, get me output of
    >"GET / HTTP/1.0" (or something similar to fingerprint the AP
    >2) if AP is managed via snmp what is the a) default community string
    >b) SNMP Object ID and c) output of "GET sysdescr" (see script)
    >3) does AP have any other unique features (for instance,  SMC AP
    >ships with a default ftp server)
    >Any help greatly appreciated.  TIA.
    >John Lampe
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