Re: [Plugins-writers] weird Qmail smtp error

From: Jason Haar (Jason.Haar@private)
Date: Sat Oct 22 2005 - 01:45:29 PDT

George A. Theall wrote:

>Are you sure it says "a SMTP server" rather than "An SMTP server is
>running..."? The latter comes from find_service.nes while the only
>reference I find to the former is in find_service2.nasl (and I've fixed
>the grammatical error), although that's not for qmail.
It said "An SMTP server is running" and " A SMTP server is listening " - 
i.e. smtpserver_detect and find_service

>>Shouldn't details of the type show up in the report?
>As it's coded, smtpscan.nasl only generates a report if report verbosity
>is set to verbose, report paranoia is paranoid, or experimental scripts
>is enabled.
OK... but that is inconsistent with the Web checks - i.e. the same scan 
reported we had IIS servers - not just "A Web server is running"...


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